Showers serve as a place of comfort and relaxation. It is one place in your house that you visit at least once a day and It is most likely the first place you pop into in the morning and obviously the last place you visit just before you jump into your bed. It is because of these frequent usages that showers require more maintenance than any other part of your home.

If you have the slightest of feelings that your shower no longer provides you with the comfort that you desire, it is probably time for you to renovate it. The following hints below tell you if it’s time for a shower renovation.

Worn-out and damaged Tiles
Old age comes to us all, even our showers. The tiles are a perfect indicator that your shower is old and in need of a renovation. You would observe broken tiles or cracked tiles on the walls of your shower and also on the floor. In as much as you would rather manage your shower like that with the damaged tiles, it is very unhealthy and can prove a serious risk to your physical health. You wouldn’t want a situation whereby a ceramic shard from of the broken tiles cuts your foot. Cracked tiles and worn out tiles should not stand for a long time without renovation and repair.

Leaking shower head and faucets
A continuous leaking shower head along with a leaky faucet or two might just be a clear indication that your spindles behind your shower taps are due for a service. Leaks are an eyesore and when they are continuous, they can be a major problem not only to your shower but also your back pocket.

Old, outdated and in need of an upgrade
One place you would always go into every day is the shower. You would have to agree with this fact; most leave their showers outdated and looking tacky. Your shower is your safe haven and as such, it ought to be treated as such. Prime it up a trendy new look that is fitting. You might want to sell off the house and a beautiful shower might just be what seals the deal.

Shower Size matters
If you feel the space in your shower can’t handle your family needs, a shower renovation is just what the doctor ordered. A little expansion and a new layout would make your shower more efficient and give it a brand-new feel.

At Leaky Showers, we know how to carry out small shower rebuilds or complete renovations. We will make the process as seamless for you as possible and will deliver your new shower in a timely manner. All the hard work of renovating your shower or bathroom will be done in no time at all.

Below: Images of what your shower may look like if you find yourself in need of a rebuild or shower renovation.

Crack on very outdated back wall tiles.

Large crack along back wall

No support under floor waste and it fell through.

Tiles coming away from wall

Tiles falling off wall due to being glued with silicon filler.

Floor waste sinking through floor.