6 reasons to fix a leaking shower fast

Why you should fix your leaking shower quickly?
Not only is a leaky shower discomforting, but it can also quickly become a nuisance to you and your family. Often most homeowners would rather live with the damage, and manage the leak the best way they can, but this often results in several other complications and severe damages.

There are several instances where homeowners are even unaware that their shower is leaking, and this can go on for days, and weeks underneath the shower recess or even behind walls. Although the signs of a leaking shower might not be evident at first, the damage done can be astronomical if it is not promptly treated by a professional.

If you are still indecisive about whether or not you should fix your leaky shower immediately, the following reasons may help convince you to take swift action.

Structural Damages
Leaky showers can cost severe structural damages to your property if left unattended to. You might face severe damages to your floors, walls, and the foundation of your home and this might make your home uninhabitable for a certain period. Such damages might cost you a good amount of money to repair and even replace.

Buildup of Mould
The accumulation of mould as a result of a leaking shower results in the buildup of problems on two fronts; firstly, it can lead to health complications such as respiratory problems, allergies, and hypersensitivity. Secondly, it can result in certain structural damages to the wooden parts of your home, resulting in unpleasant odour around your house, and also unpleasant sights.

Breeding ground for white ant
The perfect breeding ground for white ants is a combination of moisture and timber. The accumulation of moisture by the wooden parts of your home due to a faulty shower will attract white ants into your home, and their numbers can rise from a couple of hundred ants to thousands if the leak lingers on.

Metal failure
A continuous shower leak can result in the development of rust, and this gradual affects all the materials around it, and if the leak is not repaired on time, the metal will deteriorate leading to structural failure in most cases.

Damaged wood
A persistent shower leak on the wooden parts of your home can lead to the saturation of the wood supporting the base of the enclosure. Continuous exposure of the wood to moisture can cause; deterioration of the wood, facilitate the growth of mould, provide a breeding ground for white ants, and even lead to offensive odour around your home.

Other problems that can result from failing to repair a leaky shower immediately include;

Falling off tiles (loose tiles)
Damages to paintwork and plasterboard surfaces
Damages to grout in your home.
Stained walls and ceilings

A leaking shower shouldn’t be taken lightly, and should you discover you have one in any part of your home, it is essential you put a call through to a professional. Quick action from you might just be what saves you from health problems, severe structural damages, and even costly repairs.