Dripping Shower Vs. Leaking shower
Every now and then, households get to face the herculean problem of a leaking shower or a dripping shower. Just only the sound of drip… drip…drip… from a shower head or any other part of the shower is enough to drive any homeowner insane. Both leaking shower and dripping shower are considered a common household problem, that leads to a considerable waste of water and money.

Often, most people confuse both to mean the same thing, after all, they both lead to substantial water loss and other damages, but on closer inspection, leaking shower, and dripping shower are two distinct shower problems. As a homeowner, it is essential you know the difference, as this knowledge, might save you a whole of cash when it comes to repairs/replacements in the future

Dripping shower
A dripping shower head or shower is annoying, owing to the dripping sound it makes, and damages it causes. Typically, a dripping shower often results in two types of drips; slow drip and fast (steady drip). Over time it leads to an increase in water bills and grout starts to mould and decay. In addition, it can also result in staining and rust near the drain. So, what causes a dripping shower? Typical causes of dripping shower include loose and worn out parts such as valves or faucets, and sometimes the shower head itself. It could also be that the shower tap is not turning off entirely.

Leaking shower
Unlike a dripping shower that the cause is mainly surficial, a leaking shower, on the other hand, implies that there is an underlying problem. The damages caused by a leaky shower are more severe and even catastrophic. Damages range from structural damages, mould buildup, foul stench, and odour, metal failure as a result of rust, wood failure as a result of the accumulation of moisture and so on.

Whereas the effects of a dripping shower are only seen on the shower head, the effects of a leaking shower can be felt across the entire house. Poor plumbing is usually the number cause of leaking shower. The entire plumbing work of a house could be so poorly done, that certain problems will arise, sooner rather than later. Other causes of leaking shower include, wear and tear, poor quality of materials hostile cleaning products, and movement of the building leading to loose joints, uneven floor, and damages to plumbing work.

Both dripping shower and leaking shower shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you discover any signs of them in your home, quickly put a call through to a professional. Swift action will save you a lot in terms of damages and cost.