This year Queensland has experienced an extremely hot and dry summer. The effect which this long hot dry summer has had on homes is easily seen by the contraction or shrinking of buildings and their foundations. This has caused a range of problems in many homes around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. If you take the time to look around your home, it is likely you will see some evidence of this in the form of cracks in wall junctions which are visible. In more severe cases we have seen wall tiles in bathroom walls and floor cracking and start to come away.

This shrinking and moving of homes can be one of the major contributors to the high number of leaking showers all over Brisbane and the Gold Coast this year. We have seen a rise in the waterproofing in showers failing this year due to the hot dry summer.

There is another not so obvious problem which the weather this year has caused in leaking showers. We have also seen a rise in the number of homes affected by termites due to a leaking shower. This we believe is due to the dry weather. If your shower is leaking anywhere in Brisbane or the Gold Coast this year you can be certain that it will attract termites quicker than ever because they are on the hunt, hungry for moist soft timber.

Check your backing walls to the shower and ensure there is no moisture coming through. If your purchasing a new property or have recently purchased a new property ensure the building and pest report has not identified high moisture reading around your wet areas and if they have, do yourself a favour and call someone out to check the shower.