Waterproofing is one of the single most important things that must be done correctly when building, renovating or repairing a shower in your home. When waterproofing a bathroom, you must comply with Australian standards and building codes. This is easier said than done, if you don’t know what to look for the young apprentice of the day may be responsible for waterproofing and then the next day the tiler comes in and tiles over the work so you may not know it’s even a problem till it becomes a problem.

The waterproof membrane stops moisture and water from seeping into the walls or floors. Not having this done by a qualified professional can potentially lead to tens of thousands of dollars in costs later down the line. Not to mention save you the stress of possibly having to rebuild a major part of your home.

The Purpose of Shower Waterproofing

Shower waterproofing is the process of coating your shower with a waterproof membrane to stop moisture from seeping into the structure of your home.

Essentially, it stops leaks!

You may remember seeing a grey, pink or blue coating of sticky paint during construction or a remodel, this is the membrane.

The waterproof membrane acts as a barrier that sits between the walls and floor of your home and the tiles of your shower or bath. You may not be able to see it once the tiles are on but it forms the most essential part of any shower or bathroom build!

Shower Waterproofing Regulations

There are many regulations that surround waterproofing your shower; therefore, it is best to have your shower waterproofing performed by a professional. In Queensland, a qualified tradesman who holds a waterproofing license must waterproof your shower. If they do not carry a license they are performing waterproofing services illegally and should not be hired. So, this is an essential question to ask your repairer before they start any job in your home.

The regulations for how much waterproof membrane you need to use in your shower are as follows:

. The whole floor needs to be waterproofed
. The shower walls need to be waterproofed up to a minimum of 1800mm

If you have a shower niche that sits slightly higher than the minimum clearance for shower waterproofing then make sure that it is waterproofed entirely as this is a common area where water can seep into the walls of your home. 

The Dangers Of Incorrect Waterproofing

There are many ways that leaks can appear in your shower if the waterproofing is done incorrectly, the shower niche being one major example. A lack of waterproof membrane that is not applied to Australian standards may cause the following:

. Water damage and swelling in walls and floors
. Termites to enter the home
. Tiles to become loose, increasing the risk of more leaks
. Structural damage to the home

All of these issues can arise at any time, even if your shower is brand new. These waterproofing mistakes can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in home repairs, especially if you are unaware of the leak for a long time. Therefore, it is extremely important that you ensure that your shower is waterproofed correctly and that you hire a qualified and skilled professional to carry out the work.

On the QBCC website it states:

Whilst a QBCC waterproofing licence is not required where the value of the work does not exceed $3,300, a person applying, installing or repairing waterproofing including surface preparation, and apply or installing material or systems for preventing moisture penetration less than $3,300 may be required to provide a certificate stating that they are a competent person to undertake the work. A person that holds a waterproofing licence as a contractor would be considered a competent person.

If you find that the waterproof membrane in your shower needs to be repaired we can provide waterproofing services to your shower ensuring it is watertight and not leaking. We are qualified waterproofing technicians and hold all the current QBCC licences to provide you a professional result.

All you have to do is contact us on 13 000 LEAKY, and let us know how we can help.