A leaking shower is one of the most frustrating issues to happen in your home. Not only are they difficult to resolve, but it can be hard to detect if they’re even leaking at all!

How Do You Know if You Have a Leak?

There are a few ways to identify a leaky shower. One of the most common signs is finding water leaks in the bathroom. These may be on the ceiling or directly below the shower, the key is to notice a water stain and then try to trace it back to the cause.

Flaking or peeling paint may be another indicator of a leaky shower. As the water spills out, it can deteriorate the finish on your walls and cause it to physically peel. If you start to see this happen, be sure to contact a professional at leaky Showers right away to determine where the leak is coming from before it causes to much damage to your home.

The presence of mold or mildew could also indicate a leaky shower, especially if the buildup begins around the shower area itself. Mould can be quite detrimental to your health so get that shower seen to ASAP before your health becomes compromised.

Get It Fixed Before the Costs Start to Pile Up

The signs that your shower is leaking – like those mentioned above – are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the problems a leaky shower can cause in your home. Water can travel long distances and can wreak havoc on everything from your plaster and flooring to your ceilings and electrical.

If you suspect that you have a leaky shower, don’t delay! Hire a professional (like us!) to inspect it and repair the damage immediately! Why…well the longer the problem goes on, the more damage it can create along the way. A fast fix will save you time and money in the long run, as long as it’s undertaken by a leaky shower professional.

If you can catch water leaks in the bathroom early on, most showers can be waterproofed or sealed without having to remove tiles. Once the leak progresses to a point where this is no longer possible, you may need to re-tile the entire thing – which can be labour intensive and costly.

In other words, fix your leaking shower before the additional repair costs start to add up.

What Not to Do!

After you have identified that your shower is leaking, do not attempt to remove tiles or try to fix the problem yourself. This is a professional job, requiring specialist skills. I mean…you wouldn’t go to a barber for a toothache, would you? Many DIY stop-gap methods can be costly and time-consuming and can end up causing more problems to your shower in the long run. You might damage a tile (or three!), break your grouting or you might not seal the leaky correctly or with the right products. Plus, it’s not easy re-waterproofing your shower, and if you don’t do it properly you will likely cause more issues than you solve.

Before you start removing tiles or purchasing sealant, hire a company that can precisely locate the leak fixing it expertly for you. That way you have peace of mind that your job has been done by professionals who can guarantee their work.

Leave it to the Professionals

Water can be incredibly damaging, so when in doubt, it is best to leave it to the professionals!

At Leaky Showers, we have 20 years of experience in repairing showers, everywhere from Bracken Ridge to Burleigh Heads in Queensland. Our fully trained technicians provide a free moisture and pressure test with every quote, so they can quickly identify a leaking shower and correct it.

Not only do we provide professional and friendly service, but all of our work is guaranteed. We are experts at repairing shower leaks without having to remove tiles so that you can save money and preserve the aesthetic of your bathroom.

Contact us today to solve that leaking shower problem once and for all!