If your shower is leaking, it may be time to call in the Brisbane shower experts. This guide will give you some insights into the common causes of water leaks in the bathroom – and when it is time to seek professional help.

Your Tiles Are Not Waterproof
When the tiles in your shower are not sealed properly, they will not be waterproof. Lack of sealant will cause the water that sits at the base of your shower to seep through your flooring. This water flow can cause an incredible amount of water damage throughout the rest of your bathroom.

Well, this may not be a terrible problem if your shower is on the 1st floor, but a second-story bathroom with a leaking shower could result in water coming through your ceilings, mould build up or the need to repair extensive areas of your walls.

Don’t wait to get this problem resolved before it gets worse – contact leaking shower experts who can reseal your tiles and prevent any further damage.

Issues With Water Supply
Another problem that could be causing shower leaking is an issue with the water supply. If the connections to the shower are not properly installed or are old and degraded, water may be able to seep through them.

The same problem may occur if the connections are not screwed on tightly enough to prevent water from leaking out. They may have installed the connectors correctly years before, but the rust or limescale that develops on them can cause the joints to develop pinhole leaks.

These types of repairs require access to the internal plumbing in your shower, so this job is best left to the Brisbane leaking shower experts, do not try to repair this issue on your own as it most often results in further damage to your bathroom.

Is Your Drain or Tap Leaking?
You may be seeing water leaks in the bathroom that are caused by a leaking drain or shower tap.

It can be difficult to determine if your drain is leaking since it requires knowledge of plumbing to repair. You can tell if the drain is leaking by trying to plug it, then seeing if the water continues to leak once it’s filled.

Shower drains also have connections underneath that could be leaking – if they are not properly connected to the drain water may flow elsewhere and cause issues with your baseboards and flooring. This problem will be the most evident if your shower is on the second story and there are water stains on the ceiling below.

A leaking shower tap, on the other hand, is a bit easier to detect. This issue causes that frustrating dripping that you hear regularly or the staining that you see on the side of your shower.

Correcting this issue also involves inspecting the plumbing, such as the springs and gaskets that are around the inlet holes. The water may also be leaking through as a result of a cracked shower tap.

Again, these are not items that you want to tinker with to determine the problem because one wrong move could lead to more serious issues. Instead of causing more damage, leave the job to the shower experts!

Leaky Showers – Your Local Experts
At Leaky Showers, we are your local Brisbane leaking shower experts. We bring 20 years of experience in shower repair to the table, and all of our technicians have extensive knowledge about leaky showers.

The cause of water leaks in the bathroom may not always be evident, so we always provide a free moisture and pressure test with every quote. Our goal is to provide professional and friendly service, and we are so confident that you will be happy with the results that all of our work is guaranteed!

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