Got a leaking shower and wondering why? Then read on…because, at Leaky Showers Nerang, we’re about to unpack this topic in detail!
Leaking showers can really affect your home because grout isn’t actually waterproof, and even waterproof membranes aren’t impervious to deterioration. A leaking shower can also mean your plasterboard, timber and paintwork are also vulnerable to water damage. Tiny cracks in a shower floor can let water through, and you could end up finding water (and water damage) far beyond your bathroom – especially if your bathroom or ensuite is on the second floor. Foundations and your timber frame can also be damaged which can, in turn, lead to costly repairs.

Some of the causes of leaking showers can be:
1. Broken Tiles Or Grout
When tiles are broken or have been improperly installed, they are exposed to water. Water can break down the tile adhesive, causing tiles to come loose or even fall off altogether. There may also be gaps in the grout sealing, allowing water to reach the waterproof membrane that’s beneath the tiles.

2. Deteriorating Waterproofing
Sometimes in leaking showers, the waterproofing membrane has deteriorated naturally over time (maybe even unnaturally due to more water reaching it than there should be) or has been installed improperly. When this happens minor leaks in the bathroom can turn into water that can flow freely into your home’s structure.

3. Decaying Shower Seals
Like waterproofing, shower sealing can also deteriorate without proper care or through poor installation. Silicone can also lose its shape because of constant temperature changes. It can lose its adhesion and come away from the edge of the shower tray or tiles.
Shower sealing needs to be maintained to avoid shower leaks, as small gaps in the sealing can lead to larger gaps and water damage.

4. House Movement
Structures move, and showers that are built on a stud wall usually always end up leaking because gaps can happen between the floor of the shower recess and the tiled wall. Plus, a wall can vibrate just because of the opening and closing of doors. These vibrations are simply unavoidable.
Homes made from brick also expand and contract at different temperatures, so this can cause gaps as well. House movement can become a problem in your bathroom if it leads to leaks in your shower.

5. Harsh Cleaning Products
A lot of shower materials are coated with a liquid waterproofing agent. While cleaning your shower is a great idea, certain cleaning products can be corrosive and even strip away this waterproof membrane. Some chemicals even go as far as to degrade the shower materials themselves, including the grout and silicone. Stronger isn’t always better and this is especially the case if you’re compromising your shower’s integrity.
If your shower is leaking and giving you grief, you might be tempted to try and fix it yourself. However, doing so can be complicated and you could even make the situation worse.

Leaky Showers Nerang can fix your leaking shower without removing tiles if the leaks are detected early on. We have 20 years of experience in repairing showers in Brisbane, from Burleigh Heads to Bracken Ridge. Our team is made up of fully trained shower professionals that provide a free pressure and moisture test with every quote (that we arrange within 72 hours).
If you have a leaky shower and would like a professional, friendly service that guarantees all work and is the preferred shower repairer to many real estates and strata title agents, then get in touch with Leaky Showers Nerang today!