How bad can a leaky shower get? read on to discover more from Leaky Showers Coomera!

Life can get hectic at times. We often find ourselves running around, juggling tasks, and making a mental note of those un-done jobs that are beginning to pile up. So, when you notice a bit of a damp smell in your bathroom or a bit of mould on the broken silicone seal around your shower, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and push it to the back of your mind.

How bad can a bit of a leak be?
Well, as it turns out – pretty bad. Leaking baths and showers are a common issue, particularly with older homes. The bad thing about a leaky shower is they do not come with an alarm bell to warn you what is happening. Shower leaks are discreet and silent, making it easy to not notice. But when water is escaping through the outer layer of tile and sealant, it can eventually enter parts of the home not designed to hold excess water or moisture.

When water escapes both the tile and sealant layer, a professionally installed waterproof membrane should act as a backup and hold this water under your tiles. However, no membrane is designed to hold water forever so even the most professionally installed membrane will eventually fail and allow water to creep in where it should not be.
Once water has breached the membrane it can reach the home’s substructure (the foundations of the home), or penetrate the structure supporting the floor the shower is on. Dark, damp conditions is the perfect environment for quite a substantial mould problem to form, which not only causes structural damage but is a serious health risk to you and your family or your tenant – particularly those who have respiratory issues.

The timber structure in many homes is not waterproof. By design, water should not reach this part of the structure and when it does, damp rot can compromise and weaken joists, floorboards, beams, and bearers which can lead to structural damage and life-threatening risk of collapse.
In addition to the health and safety impacts of mould and mildew, damp wood can attract another pest that is extremely challenging and costly to remove: Termites. These little pests alone take around 6 weeks to remove and cost the same if not more than it would to have your shower repaired by the team at Leaky Showers Coomera.

So, before your turn off the shower taps and push that niggle to the back of your mind, or put your leaky shower on tomorrow’s list of things to sort out, have a look at some signs your shower may need some immediate attention:
• Mouldy silicone joints.
• Visible damage from either broken, damaged grout or cracks in tiles.
• Cracks in the wall, or splits in the floor.
• Damp carpet in the bathroom area.
• Watermarks on the ceiling, floor, or walls.
• Difficult to open doors and windows (wood expands when damp).
• A mouldy, musty damp smell that does not go away.
• Cracks along one line of tiles that indicates structural movement (this can happen over time).

If you have noticed any of the above, don’t leave your leaky shower to wreak havoc within your home. Water damage is a serious problem, and with 20 years of professional experience, Leaky Showers Coomera has seen it all so give us a call!

So, you can be assured a friendly trained professional will be there within 24 hours to assess the damage and offer advice, with a quote arranged within 72 hours. Best of all, our work is 100% guaranteed. So, you can sit back and relax knowing your shower is being repaired by professionals who really care.