The shower. It must be one of the most used household utilities ever. On average, Australian’s spend 7 minutes in the shower, with a third of us showering twice a day. If you live in a busy household, that is a whole lot of ‘shower action’ going on every single day. Great to hear you’re clean and smelling good, but how’s your shower going?

With all that use, it’s no wonder your shower might have seen better days. Often our showers can show signs of age or heavy usage with some tell-tale signs. But never fear Leaky Showers Mount Cotton, isn’t just able to control and repair your leaky shower. In fact, we have a range of shower maintenance jobs to get your shower back to its old self again in no time. Often, these simple repairs need to be done before we can begin to repair your leaky shower so let’s break down a range of jobs the crew at Leaky Showers Mount Cotton can carry out to keep your shower in tip-top shape.

Removing and re-fitting soap holders
Lots of soap holders are installed in the shower in the same manner shower tiles are. They are effectively a shower tile with a protruding shelf to hold your soap. Unfortunately, these holders can break if pressure is applied to them. Suppose they are grabbed too hard or carry too much weight, such as children hanging off or pulling themselves up. As it is not designed for this function, your soap holder can break or be pulled right from the wall, which compromises the waterproofing in the shower. The experts at Leaky Shower Mount Cotton can remove old or broken tiles and replace soap holders to prevent any further damage to your shower.

Removing or fitting shower rails
Your old shower rail might be housing an area where your shower is leaking, or our leaky shower technicians may need to repair an area behind the rail and replace it with a new rail. If this is the case, our qualified technicians can do this easily.

Removing and regluing damaged or loose tiles
A leaky shower can’t be repaired if there are broken or loose tiles causing issues. If you want to avoid the cost and the pain of re-tiling and re-matching 1 or 2 tiles, we can reglue loose tiles back in place or seal cracked tiles with an Epoxy resin.

Fitting a leak control valve (puddle flange) and waste
A puddle flange is a wide-rimmed device that attaches to the wastewater pipe that sits flush with the flooring. This flange can be siliconed to ensure no water leaks underneath the tiles on your shower floor.

Building and tiling new shower hobs
A shower hob is the raised tiling around your shower that keeps water in the shower. Hob-less showers are where the shower tiles sit flush with the rest of the floor tiles and more are becoming more common these days. But when drainage problems arise, water can easily pool into the rest of the bathroom, leading to flooding and water damage. You may also find your hob-less shower does not fit with your lifestyle and seeps too much water into the rest of your bathroom. Leaky ShowersMount Cotton can build a hob to fit any sized shower giving you that extra security to keep the shower water from infiltrating the rest of your bathroom.

Repairing part or entire walls
Finally, not all showers can be saved with some TLC and sealant repairs. Leaky Showers Mount Cotton have seen it all, and sometimes we will need to repair an entire wall or part of it. We can remove the tiles, replace them, and prevent any further damage from occurring with our renowned industry-standard grouts and sealants.

If you have a concern with your shower and would like to speak with an expert, call us today and let us show you why we are Brisbane’s preferred leaky shower specialists.