It’s a bold claim from us here at Leaky Showers Ormeau…how we can fix your leaking shower without removing any tiles isn’t it? You must be looking at your shower and wondering how on earth do they do that? Well, we’d be lying if we said that we had a magic wand! It actually is a combination of highly skilled professionals and industrial-strength sealers and silicone. But most of all, it’s our 20 years of experience fixing Leaky Showers Ormeau, that has given us our reputable name and skill. We’ve seen it all, and your leaky shower is our kind of business.

As soon as you notice a leak, crack, or gap between your tiles or shower sealant, the first thing you should do is give us a call. If left, leaky showers can cause all sorts of nasty issues behind the scenes that you don’t want to have to fix down the track.
Once we hear from you and understand your issue, we will come and check out your shower and assess the scale of the leak. During this service, we will conduct a free pressure and moisture test. We test the water pressure with a gauge to identify any leaks between the taps and use a moisture meter that uses electromagnetic signals to indicate how much water is behind a tile. Once we’ve completed these tests along with a visual assessment, we have a clear picture of the work scale required, and we will offer you an obligation-free quote to have your leaky shower repaired.

So what’s next? Well, at a time that suits you, we will come to your property and begin to remove old grout and sealant that we suspect is allowing water to escape down into the membrane of your shower. In most cases, the problem is with the grout and sealant. These issues present in the form of cracks, gaps, crumbling or rising efflorescence – a reaction to water underneath the tiles that cause chemicals and minerals in the concrete and glue to rise to the surface and form a crust over your grout.
What this means is, Leaky Showers Ormeau can keep your shower tiles intact and remove old or damaged grout adhesive and sealant in your shower without pulling it apart. Once the old grout and sealant are removed, we will replace these materials with industrial-strength sealers such as Epoxy, Polyurethane, and synthetic silicon, all of which are applied skillfully by one of our qualified leaky showers technicians.

The best part about using Leaky Showers Ormeau is that most services take around 3 to 5 hours to complete and will only require 24 hours to dry before using your shower again. We can come to you whenever you need us, allowing you to sit back with a cuppa or get on with your workday and know that your shower will be as good as new in next to no time, at a fraction of the cost to call out a plumber.

We are so confident in our service and our customer’s happiness that we provide a 100% guarantee on the products we use in your shower for 15 years!

Your shower repair doesn’t need to be a massive bathroom re-do that costs thousands in material and labour, and you don’t need to go without a bathroom for weeks. We can quickly fix your leaky shower without removing tiles (or using a magic wand) and take that extra stress off your mind. Your leaky shower is in good hands with Leaky Showers Ormeau, so give us a call today to arrange a quote and let Brisbane’s preferred leaky shower specialists take care of you.