You don’t need to be Einstein to know your shower should be waterproof. But, you may not know that tiles and grout alone don’t withhold the water that hits your shower every day. Waterproofing has regulations that must comply with Australia’s building code and Australian standards, which state any wet area must be waterproofed.
We’ve spoken about the damage a leaky shower and poor waterproofing can do to the structure of your home in previous blogs. But what exactly is waterproofing, and why is it so important to have it completed by a licensed professional? Read on to discover more from the experts in shower waterproofing Coomera!

Waterproofing is one of the first steps in getting your bathroom fit for purpose and usually occurs in your renovation or building construction phase. It involves installing a waterproof barrier in your wet area, usually around walls and floors that are likely exposed to moisture, to protect your home from water damage. Without waterproofing or poorly installed waterproofing, your bathroom could become host to mould and the hazardous effects of damp. This is why in many Australian states, you need to have a licence to install.
As the process is done in stages, it can be a lengthy job, but one that is well worth the time. Applying and allowing each stage to dry will further improve the quality and durability of your waterproof membrane, particularly on the floor where water could seep in and cause significant structural damage.

First, Leaky Showers (the waterproofing experts Coomera!) will surface prep the wet area and remove any dust or lose particles that could compromise the adhesion of the membrane and paint. Next, a primer is used much like paint and should cover the entire wet area you want to protect. Then the liquid sealant is applied. You may have seen pictures of shower bases covered in bright blue or black paint? This is the waterproof paint that is often made with latex, oil or concrete base. It seems relatively straightforward.
However, with a plethora of how-to videos available online, even popular DIY stores providing tips and information for home jobs – why should you leave waterproofing your wet area to the local experts in shower repairs?

We can’t all be experts at everything! And with waterproofing, the DIY challenges can become more costly than you thought. Not understanding products and water seepage can result in bringing home the wrong equipment for your wet area needs. Similarly, any Block fans will know, incorrect waterproofing can delay and cost you significantly in the long run. With strict guidelines, your shower must meet Australian standards, so this may be an area you are better off outsourcing to us.
Shower waterproofing Coomera, use the best products available under Australian standards and apply a minimum of two coats. Our bond breaker tape is used in corners and painted over with high-grade polyurethane membrane paint. Puddle flanges are also fitted to ensure water drainage is directed straight down the waste drain with no opportunity to seep through the tiles at this point of exit.

At Leaky Showers, our technicians are fully trained and experienced in waterproofing services, and as standard practice, we offer a full 15-year guarantee on all our products for your peace of mind.

So if you’re repairing your old shower, or building a brand new one, and want waterproofing completed by the preferred shower repairer for many real estates and strata title agents, call Leaky Showers today for a hassle-free quote.