At Leaky Showers Yatala, we are proud of our renowned shower repairs without removing tiles. Our skill and experience have seen us tackle many bathroom horror stories and saved many showers from those pesky leaks and damp problems. We love getting you back in your hot shower (once we’re gone, of course!) and enjoying the luxuries of a crack-free, perfectly sealed wet area. Your worries have evaporated, and your smile tells us so.

But, sadly, not all showers can be saved. As much as we would love to repair your shower without altering anything structurally, sometimes this is just not possible.

If the damage is too extensive and water has seeped into areas of your house that have caused irreparable damage, the only option is a total shower rebuild. Luckily, Leaky Showers Yatala can do that too!

Complete shower rebuilds are needed when a shower has extensive water damage behind the tiles or leaks through the waterproof membrane. You may see evidence of this by tiles falling off the wall due to water seepage, making the glue brittle and unable to hold. In this case, re-gluing the tiles would be akin to placing a blister patch on a wound needing stitches. It would be futile and negligent.

If the leaking shower has resulted in the timber studs that support your home deteriorating due to excess water damage, we can replace them with specifically designed wet area studs. Certain timber frames are prone to shrinkage when wet, and this is a common problem encountered in shower areas, resulting in shower movement causing more cracking and damage. The wet area studs we use will also protect against Borers and Termites if this has been a factor in your shower’s demise. While most of us are familiar with Termites and their damage caused by timber being their food source, many don’t know Borers are Beetles, and it’s their larvae that cause all the damage. They are laid in the timber and remain there, continually feeding until adulthood, causing substantial damage to timber framing. Both are tricky to remove, so studs that protect against these pests give your shower rebuild the best chance at longevity, especially in termite-prone areas.

If your shower walls require re-sheeting, shower repairs Yatala can also complete these repairs using wet area cement sheeting, which is a requirement to meet Australian Standards. The flooring will be fitted with 15mm compressed cement sheeting before a puddle flange is installed – this ensures a watertight seal at the point where water passes through cement, for instance, down your shower drain. Finally, as experts in shower waterproofing, we will ensure your shower is waterproof to code and ready to be tiled!

While we love saving showers using minimally invasive techniques, our qualified and highly skilled technicians can also take on the big jobs. Leaky Showers, Yatala will come and assess your shower damage and give you an honest and obligation-free quote to complete the works, with a free pressure test conducted on every visit.

Your technician can then advise how long the repairs will take and the steps involved in the process, so you know how long you may be without a shower and whether or not you need to find alternative amenities during the process. But, we always promise prompt, reliable service with fast turnarounds. With twenty years in the shower repair trade and a 15-year guarantee on our products, you can rely on Brisbane shower repair specialists to tackle the big jobs just as well as the small jobs, with your shower rebuilt in no time. Call today!