Property prices are at an all-time high and look set to continue to rise. Across Australia, there is a lack of homes for sale which is pushing prices up and home sales are happening at lightning speed. As a property investor, we’re sure you are aware of the housing boom and we want to ensure you are in a position to maximise your profits today and in the future.

One thing that can quickly and suddenly ruin your investment property success is the humble bathroom shower. Yes, the place where people (should) wash every day, can also wash away any profits from your property.

Here’s a look at how a leaky shower can destroy your investment property and why you should invest in a leaking shower repair before it’s too late!

A drip that turns into a downpour of damage
Everyone understands or assumes that a shower is waterproof right? But just like other parts of your home, shower sealing can decay, crack and deteriorate over time.If your shower wasn’t installed or sealed properly (more on this later) this can occur instantly even in new showers and bathrooms. A leaky shower can cause massive damage to your property. It usually starts with mould and unsightly mildew, not to mention a significant rise in the property’s water bill. Left unfixed, a leaky shower can go on to inflict water damage to your carpets and furnishings, paint, wallpaper, ceilings and walls. The real killer is the damage it can do to the structure of your property. We’re talking rotted plaster, warped framing and serious structural issues that require an extensive repair job. All of these annoying and potentially catastrophic things could happen from a leaky shower.

Health and safety troubles
A leaky shower at your investment property can cause more than just physical damage to your place. It can also affect your tenant’s health and safety. The earlier mentioned mould and mildew can lead to respiratory problems and other health issues for anyone who is living at the property. The last thing you want to be dealing with as a landlord and property owner is damage to your place while also potentially losing reliable and trustworthy tenants at the same time. There’s also the risk you could face fines or legal troubles from having an unhealthy home.

Insurance issues
Another unwanted consequence of a leaky shower is dealing with insurance issues. You could find yourself at odds with your home insurance providers due to water damage. Even the most comprehensive policies can have clauses that can void any policy. This means you could end up having to cover the entire expensive repair bill.

Your local shower sealing solution
Thankfully, all these serious problems can be avoided with a professionally sealed shower. DIY is a part of Australian culture but some things are best left to the experts and waterproofing your investment properties bathroom is one of them.

Here at Leaky Showers in Brisbane’s South East, all we do is repair leaky showers. It’s our name after all! Avoid having to deal with any of the nightmare scenarios we spelled out above by getting in touch with us today.

Our technicians are fully trained and experienced in shower waterproofing and shower sealing and as standard practice, we offer a full 15-year guarantee on all our products for your peace of mind.

So, don’t just go and check if your investment property’s shower is leaking, give us a call or send us your contact details HERE for a fast and efficient leaking shower repair.