Maintaining your home by repairing problems shortly after they arise, or before they even pop up, is a fantastic and straightforward way you can help preserve its value. Some of the most obvious repairs many Australian homeowners face include fixing wet and dry rot in a home’s timber, addressing rising dampness in the foundation and walls, and getting a new roof. Your bathroom might not come to mind as the first stop for repairs. However, as a primary place for damage, it should also be top of your list, especially when it comes to indoor maintenance. A bathroom that leaks can spell huge problems for your home.

Here are 4 excellent ways you can maintain your bathroom in tip-top shape to get the best value from your home over time.

Repaint your walls
Nothing says, “new-and-up-to-date” better than a fresh coat of your favourite paint. And the great thing about repainting your bathroom walls is that it won’t break the bank but it can really change the overall look in just a day or so. Go with a new coat of the same colour, or mix things up with an entirely new pallet. A new mirror or towel rack can also do wonders!

Keep your shower up to snuff
Many people find it easy to gloss over problems in their shower stall. This is because you can simply close those frosted doors or straighten out that shower curtain and no one will be the wiser, (except those who have to actually take a shower!) Shower problems can be a big deal, however. Water in your home can become your worst enemy.

At Leaky Showers, we provide you with a free moisture test to see where problems may sit in and around your shower. Sometimes leakage is happening that you don’t even see.

Our Brisbane and Wynnum shower repairs include repairing tile walls, re-fitting soap holders, taking out old, ill-fitting shower rails, reapplying tiles, and much more. Our professional team specialises in shower regrouting as well as shower sealing, leaving you with amazing results.

Of course, sometimes a small fix won’t do the trick. Maybe your situation calls for a complete rebuild. This is a great decision. Bathroom renovations are one of the top home improvements Australians invest in and with good reason. This simple home improvement can add so much value to your residence that experts say you can potentially recover up to 75% of your investment!

A new bathroom including shower upgrades can give you an amazing clean slate from which to start over.  At Leaky Showers, we offer the best in Wynnum shower repairs, upgrades and rebuilds complete with custom-made shower screens and full professional waterproofing. Our specially designed wet area studs protect your property against damage caused by termites and all materials used meet or surpass Australian building standards.

Splurge on new lights and fixtures
What about the small stuff? It definitely adds up! Adding modern lights and fixtures like new taps, sinks, door handles, and light switches can really impact your room. While these may seem like the lighter highlights of the bathroom, they can actually be the main event. Your eye is naturally drawn to the fixtures in your bathroom and playing them up with top quality value can paint an image of luxury.

Maintaining your bathroom in top condition adds definite value to your home in so many ways. By repairing leaky showers and taps and ensuring your rebuilds and renovations are done to proper standards, your home can stay in peak condition as time passes.

Looking for bathroom maintenance experts? We’re your go-to waterproofing and leaky shower team. Contact Leaky Showers today for service all over Queensland and get the best results to improve the value of your home.