A bathroom upgrade is one of the best investments, aside from remodelling your kitchen, that you can do for your home. When it comes to remodelling your shower, you might consider it to be too expensive as this a major component of your bathroom. You may feel the need to replace old tile, and toss out your tub. By approaching this project from the right angle, however, you can certainly remodel your old shower while sticking to a budget that doesn’t put you in a place of unwanted debt. Here’s how.

Do the right planning
All great projects start with a good deal of planning. Showers are no different. So, decide how much money you really want to invest in your shower at the outset. By knowing your budget ahead of time, you can point yourself in the direction of materials that suit your economic vision as well as your aesthetic style without unwanted surprises. Decide on your numbers.

Refinish your existing tub
Next, consider keeping the older fixtures and upgrading or fixing them. It may be tempting to want to rip out the old and bring in the new. You could find that by repairing what you already have, however, you can extend the life of your tub and shower area extensively.

If your tub is worn out, you benefit from cleaning it, sanding it, patching it up and applying a bit of paint. By doing this, you can potentially make it look as good as new! You can even change the colour and find towels and a curtain to match.

Repair your shower instead of replacing it
In line with patching up your older tub, if you repair your shower you can also potentially save quite a lot of money down the road. This way, you not only get a new-looking and extremely functional shower in place of your old one, but you help prevent any water damage issues from accumulating in your home over time down the road.

If you’re looking to repair your shower our team of experts are highly skilled in providing you with the best in shower upgrades and repairs. Our Brisbane shower repairs involve many types of work including repairing shower walls, removing and refitting damaged soap holders, repairing and removing shower rails, and fixing cracks and leaks.

If you know your shower is generally in good condition minus a few spots of wear and tear, it could be that a shower repair will be the best budget solution for you. For those who love the look and style of their present shower, having it repaired by professionals can be the best choice. Our fully trained technicians can fix damaged tiles and seal cracks with water-tight epoxy for a new-looking wall that lasts.

Go for acrylic and fibreglass instead of tile
Sometimes, the old really does need to be ripped out. If this is the case, when on a budget, consider installing materials on the walls and floor made from acrylic and fibreglass instead of real tile. This can save you money. Prefabricated acrylic panels come in a variety of styles and can help please your pocket while upgrading your look to suit your taste.

At Leaky Showers, we can help repair your shower at an affordable price. For Wynnum shower repairs, and Manly shower repairs, contact us today. We provide a free pressure and moisture test with every quote we offer and all of our work comes with a 100% guarantee. In fact, our Epoxy sealant is so good we guarantee it for 15 years to come!

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