You are in the market for a new home and you think you’ve found a few you really like. Each house has a great yard, a superb location, and the type of floor layout you’ve been looking for. The selling price is high and you want to ensure you are getting solid value for your investment. How can you tell if the bathroom is in good condition?

Here are a few tell-tale signs the shower in your potential new home could be leaking.

Discoloured or cracked tiles
How do the tiles look? Discolouration of any kind or any cracked tiles could indicate water is seeping through. This is true for tiles that are both inside and around the shower area.

Dirty silicone and grout
Take a peek behind the shower curtain or inside the shower stall. What does the grout look like? Are there any spots of black? Dirty, grimy silicone and grout sealing in the shower and around the tiles is most often a sign of mould growth. This means water is seeping behind the tiles and soaking them, so it doesn’t dry out.

Bubbling paint
Take a look at the ceiling in the bathroom and particularly in the shower area. Is the paint in good condition? If it’s peeling, this is bad news that there may be a shower leak. Bubbling and peeling paint in the shower area indicates moisture is getting into the ceiling or wall. The shower waterproofing needs to be redone to prevent a shower leak.

A musty smell
A shower that doesn’t smell great is usually full of problems. A musty-smelling bathroom indicates that mould is likely growing in areas you can’t see, behind the walls, floor, and ceiling. If left unattended, this can grow into a major structural problem with the building and attract termites. Wood can rot and cement can be compromised over time. You definitely want to fix this one!

Buckling floors
In line with peeling paint, buckling floors in a bathroom are a sure sign that water is getting in where it shouldn’t. Water is either getting behind the flooring when it seeps out of the leaking shower or damaging the floor when the person who is done with their shower drips onto it after exiting the shower, and the water is seeping beneath the loose floor tiles. Either way, a damaged floor shows that the shower needs resealing or the flooring needs redoing, (or both). Time for a fix!

Watermarks on the ceiling below
Any type of watermarks on the ceiling below the bathroom is definitely a sign of leaking. This means the legally required waterproofing on the floor of the bathroom and shower has been compromised. Australian regulations require that bathrooms and showers are sealed according to certain building codes and a home that has watermarks on the ceiling will need a complete bathroom overhaul to be safe and functional.

So, should you avoid a house with water damage in the bathroom? You could. But if this home is a real winner in other ways, why pass it up? A quality shower repair could bring this home up to a solid ten out of ten. Simply put, we think a great location and an otherwise ideal home shouldn’t be passed up because of a less-than-perfect bathroom.

At Leaky Showers, we’re experts in fixing a shower leak in your potential new home. We also undertake waterproofing, shower repairs, and shower resealing. We get the job done to code with high-quality materials and extremely knowledgeable technicians. We offer our services right across Brisbane South East and include areas like Wynnum shower repairs and Manly shower repairs too.

Don’t lose sight of your dream home because of a shoddy shower. Contact us today and let us help you fix it!