Did you know…the best thing you can do for your Pimpama home protects it from structural damage? It’s common for homeowners to think of new flooring, windows, and landscaping when they’re ready for a home improvement project, but there’s equal if not more value in shower sealing.

Let’s say that again: Sealing your shower is equally if not more valuable than updating your carpet or landscaping your home for greater curb appeal.

It may seem like an overstatement, but it’s true. If you’re not quite sold, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of Pimpama shower sealing.

What is Tile or Shower Sealing?
Shower sealing is one of the most frequently requested shower repairs in Pimpama. A sealant is applied over the surface of the shower, blocking water from leaking through the tile.

The sealing process is similar to pouring leftover soup into Ziploc freezer bags. The bags are tightly sealed to ensure the soup doesn’t leak into your freezer before frozen solid. Sealing a shower is about the same, though you’re dealing with a thin sealant over a solid material to block liquid rather than trapping liquid inside a tightly sealed container.

Benefits of Shower Tile Sealing
Remember our assertion that shower sealing is at least equal in value to other home improvement projects? Now is the time to back that up with a quick list of shower and tile sealing benefits.

  • Water is blocked from leaking out of your shower, which protects your property from water damage and mould. You’re less likely to need Brisbane shower repairs due to water leakage.
  • The sealed shower tile is easy to wipe clean. The sealant keeps dirt and debris at the surface. You could spend up to half the time cleaning your shower.
  • Dirt and grime that often leads to tile discoloration is blocked by the shower sealant. You’re less likely to experience discoloration, which means less time scrubbing your tile and less money spent on shower tile renovation.
  • If you want to turn shower sealing into an aesthetic home improvement project, ask your technician about using coloured sealant. You can coordinate the shade to enhance your bathroom décor or add a bright pop of colour for visual interest.

Just as new flowerbeds and bushes improve curb appeal for your home, sealing your shower with a coloured application can add visual appeal to your bathroom. Your shower seal will also protect your property from water damage and mould growth, which saves you money on shower repairs in the future.

It’s a visual and practical home improvement project in one. It may even make your home a little more marketable if you intend to sell in the future.

Do You Really Need a Professional to Seal Your Shower?
Now that we understand the benefits of shower sealing, why would you pay a professional like Leaky Showers to do the job? It comes down to results, and the best results always come from experience.

Our technicians are highly trained and have years of experience with Brisbane shower repairs and sealants. They understand the process on a deeper level because they have seen it at work so many times. That experience means they’re less likely to make mistakes that could leave your property vulnerable to invisible leaks hidden in the walls.

Quality Shower Repairs in Pimpama
If you know you need professional Brisbane shower repairs or you want to avoid future repairs by sealing your shower, contact Leaky Showers today. We can seal your shower and provide a variety of additional shower repairs without removing your existing tile. The first step is a free consultation and quote.