You have a lot to do once you decide to sell your home. You may start fixing small problems that you’ve neglected for years. If a room of the home is in bad condition, you may renovate it completely in hopes of getting a better deal in the sale. Then there’s the process of selecting a realtor, getting your home listed, and keeping everything in perfect condition for showings.

In the midst of all that, you need to think about your shower. Why your shower? Because there are some things you may not know about Brisbane shower waterproofing that could impact the sale of your home. It may also impact what you look for when purchasing your next home.

Shower Repairs and the Sale of Your Home
Poor shower waterproofing can lead to significant property damage that isn’t always obvious on the surface of a bathroom. The damage or the waterproofing issues that cause it are often discovered during the home inspection process. At best, that gives your buyer leverage to offer less for your home. At worst, it could interfere with the sale of your home.

If you know that your bathroom has seen better days, chances are good that you could use a professional waterproofing job prior to putting your home on the market. A professional can look for signs of failure or failing to waterproof and create a plan to get your bathroom up to the Australian code.

Could Your Shower Hold Up the Sale of Your Home?
Brisbane shower waterproofing issues could impact the sale of your home if it’s found lacking. Your property is required to meet certain waterproofing criteria, according to Australian standards. If potential buyers inspect your home and can prove that it has shower sealing issues or is in severe need of shower repairs, you could hit an obstacle in the selling process.

When you invest in Wynnum shower repairs and waterproofing in advance, you also give your realtor some great talking points. Imagine walking through a home for sale and hearing that the bathroom was recently renovated or had a fresh waterproofing seal installed by a professional. It would give you more peace of mind potentially purchasing that bathroom, correct?

That’s exactly what you do for potential buyers when you invest in shower repairs before putting your home on the market. You give them just one more reason to want your home over the many others sitting on the market right now.

Signs You Have Shower Waterproofing Issues

  • Water dripping under the shower or around walls and floors
  • Cracks or holes between tiles
  • Visible mould or mildew
  • Musty odours inside the bathroom
  • Shifting of tiles when pressure is applied (like standing on them)
  • Missing silicone seals in select areas

Any sign of water where it shouldn’t be is significant and requires fast action. The longer you allow your bathroom to leak water, the more likely you are to have significant damage to your property. You could end up mould, mildew, rotten wood, and even termites as a result of a leaky shower.

1 Thing You Should Do Before Selling Your Home
Even if there are no obvious signs of a water leak in your shower, you should have our experts check your bathroom for proper waterproofing. If you can let potential buyers know that your bathroom has been professionally waterproofed, it can add some value to your property and help you get what you deserve out of your home.

If you decide not to sell, knowing your bathroom is protected from leaking should give you peace of mind. Contact us today to discuss your bathroom and schedule professional shower waterproofing.