The shower has become an integral part of our everyday life. However, this essential part of the home requires regular shower maintenance and cleaning in order to remain functional and hygienic. If you want to avoid shower leaks, cracked tiles or worse, then make sure that you’re prepared to do the following when it comes to maintaining your bathroom’s #1 feature!

Cleaning & Shower Maintenance Are Both Important
When it comes to keeping your shower in good working order there are several features you should look for:

  • The first thing to check is whether or not it’s leaking water. If you notice that there are any leaks anywhere on the outside of your house, then this could be indicating that there is a problem. Problems can arise from broken tiles, broken gout or even waterproofing that has deteriorated over time behind the tiles. Either way, this can lead to issues further down the line so we recommend having these checked out by someone who knows what they’re doing, like the professionals at Leaky Showers.
  • Next up will be checking that no mould spores have started growing anywhere near the leak. Mould grows in hot damp conditions and can cause a variety of health issues. Signs you may be affected by mould include, runny nose, skin and eye irritations, and sometimes wheezing too. This can also be extremely problematic for people who suffer from asthma. Removing mould and having leaky showers repaired, is a big part of maintaining a hygienic bathroom in your home.
  • Regularly cleaning your shower will also allow you to do spot inspections, so you can keep an eye out for any damage before it becomes a big expensive ordeal. If you don’t have time to clean your shower and bathroom yourself, you can always enlist the help of a professional cleaner.

Make Sure You’re Prepared To Do The Following 

  • Clean your shower regularly.
  • Call in the professionals to for regular shower maintenance.
  • Replace damaged parts or replace the whole shower if there are too many problems with it that can’t be fixed easily. A professional can rebuild your shower, making sure the waterproofing is up to Australian code. They can also advise on tile choice and shower screens too and repair other areas of your bathroom like resealing around vanity basins.
  • Regular shower maintenance is important and this can mean calling in the experts for a professional analysis every few years. The team at Leaky Showers offer FREE pressure and moisture Tests with every quote. These are great for getting to the root cause of the leak. Plus, they only use the very best products which are backed by a 15-year product guarantee

Clean Using The Right Products
Cleaning your shower is a simple task that only takes a few minutes per week to keep your bathroom looking clean and new. Some people even like to give their shower a once over after they use it daily. However, if you don’t get around to scrubbing away the dirt and grime that builds up over time, you may find your once pristine bathroom looking dull, dishevelled and mouldy. So, how often should you clean your shower? Well, most experts agree that cleaning your shower once every two weeks is ideal. If you want to maintain an immaculate appearance in your bathroom, then it might even be worth investing the time each week for a deep clean. However, make sure you are not using chemicals that are abrasive or too strong. Whilst these are excellent at cleaning, harsh chemicals can eat away at any shower sealing and grout. If they can penetrate through to your waterproofing, they can erode this too. We recommend you use a mild detergent and a soft sponge to remove grime and soap build-up. If your shower is cleaned regularly, this is all that you will really need to stay on top of it. For those that want a more natural solution, why not try 1/3 cup ammonia, 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1/2 cup baking soda, and 7 cups of water. This formula has been tried and tested and is also ideal for staying on top of mould too. Simply add the mixture to a spray bottle and you’re good to go! This is also another easy way you can help with regular shower maintenance.

Cleaning your bathroom and shower regularly will help:

  • Keep things nice and tidy (and it feels good too!)
  • Will help prevent mould and mildew build-up
  • Will allow you to keep an eye out for any leaks

Your Shower May Be Leaking Even If You Can’t See Any Water
If you think your shower is leaking, you may be right. Your shower may be leaking even if you can’t see any water on the ground or dripping from the ceiling. Leaking can occur due to damage to pipes behind walls or beneath tiles. If left unchecked in a confined space like a bathroom, leaking pipes can lead to severe property damage. This can include the swelling of internal timbers, walls bucking, doors no longer closing and the swelling of skirting boards and architraves. Chipped or flaking paint is also another good indication too. If your bathroom is on the second story, you may find you have water damage appearing on the ground floor ceiling. If ignored for too long, these leaks will not only be expensive to fix but they can also cause further damage to your homes such as electrical faults (due to moisture) and even collapse of parts of your house such as walls or foundations.

Be Aware Of Repairs
It’s true. If you have an older shower, then there is a good chance it’s in need of a professional inspection. But, the good news is that repairs are relatively inexpensive compared to having to replace the entire shower (although sometimes this is necessary too!). Whatever, the outcome, the professionals at Leaky Showers can offer you the best advice and service, leaving you with peace of mind that your shower is dry and safe for years to come. They also offer shower repairs for rental properties too, which can be claimed by the property owners on their tax.

You should always be on the lookout for signs of damage or wear and tear in your shower and now, after reading this, you’ll know what to look for too. If you notice any leaks or other problems, then it’s time to get in touch with the Leaky Shower experts who can help with your shower maintenance. They offer quotes on all work within 72 hours and have mobile experts ready and waiting to take your call.

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